Aloha! Mahalo for visiting our farm!

At the Maui Mountain Home Grown Coffee Farm we take quality very seriously. Our mission is to mail every bag of Maui Mountain Home Grown coffee to you while it is at the peak of freshness.

Through every stage of the process; harvesting, sorting, washing, drying and storage we ensure that only the most perfect beans are used. This commitment to quality results in consistently excellent coffee. 

My name is Bobbie Becker and I have always loved the natural world. I have been a plant enthusiast all my life; growing vegetables organically long before it became fashionable. For 40 years I lived, worked and played in Arizona; and while I loved the adventures I had in the southwest, the farmer in me could not be satisfied in the harsh climes of the desert, or later, the high mountains. After my first visit to Maui, I knew that I would have to spend part of my life in this lush and gentle climate. In the fall of 2000, my goal came to be.

For months I searched to find the perfect property. Finally, I came across a small, less-than-productive coffee farm. It was located on a road called Mahiai, on the slope of
Haleakala volcano. Mahiai means “farming place” in Hawaiian. The usual climate here is nine months of glorious summer, moistened by brief rains known as ‘Olinda Mist,’ then three months of wet and chilly winter. The elevation of 2650 feet and an average annual rainfall of 65” are perfect for coffee, and me!

In the first years I added hundreds of plants to the property: avocado, oranges, lemons, lines, tangerines, macadamia nuts, low-chill apples and bananas. I spread color with blooming hedges of hibiscus, bougainvillea and protea. I planted koa and o’hia trees that would help to restore forest habitat for the native birds and insects, and I worked diligently to improve the health of the existing coffee orchard.
Some years later my mother decided to move to the property! She too, loves the rhythms of nature that come with our farm life. She enjoys a variety of chores, but her special skill really shines through during our April to August coffee picking season. Every day she is in some part of the orchard combing through the coffee rows, seeking out just the ripest coffee cherries to harvest. She and our friends, Wayne and Lino spend many hours each week picking the gorgeous red fruits known as “coffee cherries.” This extra care during harvest is vital to the award winning flavor of Maui Mountain Home Grown Coffee.

Here is my mother and her picking buddy, Tilly!

Coffee blossoms ripen to cherries.

As much as we have worked to develop and nurture this farm home, it in turn provides tremendous satisfaction and a wonderful array of edibles for our family and friends.
A bird's-eye view of the farm.